CA Supreme Court agrees to hear Prop. 8 Case

The California Supreme Court agreed to hear 3 cases today around the passage of Prop. 8.  This is good news.  One way or another, the court will decide early next year whether the California Constitution allows for a 50 + 1 majority of California voters to amend the Constitution in order to take away rights from same sex couples who want to marry.  The state Constitution has never been amended to take away rights, to make it legal for a tax paying class of citizens to become 2nd class citizens. 

Oh, and a question for Mike Huckabee, who believes that until your head is bashed in you do not deserve equal civil rights.  When was the last time a friend of yours was bashed in the head by a stranger just because of who your friend chose to love?  When was the last time a straight friend of yours was crucified on a barbed wire fence in Wyoming because he loved the “wrong” person? 

Onward and Upward.

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