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Carrie Fisher

Tuesday, December 27th, 2016

Carrie Fisher

I wanted you to live. So badly. Kindred spirits, we. Tears are cleansed. Now just plain sad.

There will never be another you.


Carrie Fisher

Monday, December 26th, 2016

Carrie Fisher

Get well, my dear, because you have many friends and millions of fans and because I want to read your next book about having a heart attack on a United Airlines flight from London just 15 minutes before landing at LAX.

Timing is everything in comedy.

And in life.

The Trump Tyranny has Begun…

Thursday, December 1st, 2016

“The first thing any tyrannical government does is control public opinion. It targets first journalists, intellectuals, artists, activists — in that order — and then everybody else.”

- Isabel Allende, at the 2016 PEN Literary Awards in Los Angeles.


Tuesday, November 22nd, 2016

“I feel so sorry for all the straight white people who have had it so rough for the past 250 years.”

© David Harrington Campbell.

Golden Blight

Monday, November 14th, 2016

After pondering your request post-election, I cannot agree to dance with you at the premiere. I heard you voted for Trump and Pence. Did you forget about the fact that Pence opposes gay marriage even though the Supreme Court has ruled that it’s legal? Did you forget that the Supreme Court could overrule the gay marriage decision if Trump confirms 2 justices? Did you forget that you presided over my and Luke’s wedding?

Did you forget that Trump wants to put women in prison for having an abortion? Make them cross state lines?

You remember when abortion was illegal, right?

Golden blight,


NPR: Election Day Eve

Monday, November 7th, 2016


Election Day Eve

Final Thoughts on NPR’s Two Year Election

Today when I listened to NPR journalists, who are covering the Trump/Clinton race, foaming at the mouth about how much they have loved covering this election, journalists who have betrayed their audience or perhaps just me and cast us into the winds of nowhere left to go after the election - yes, you, Jeremy Hobson and Robin Young and your unbelievable acceptance of Paris Dennard on Here and Now and yes, you, Steve Inskeep, who this morning on Morning Edition turned a left/right economic discussion into a radio version of a split screen with two guys talking over each other so that neither could be heard, after listening to this pulse-racing non-sensical and anti-intellectual coverage, I have the following analogy:

I may be a surgeon and I may love to do heart surgery but that does not mean that I keep doing the same surgery on the same patient, over and over again, just to satisfy my love of heart surgery. That would rightly be called madness.

You may love your job as a journalist but that does not mean that you go back to the same people, over and over, and listen to them spew the same nonsense and lies without asking them what facts their opinions are based on. Instead you discuss their opinions as “feelings.” That is not journalism. It is voyeurism.

God, I miss insightful discussions - the ones NPR used to be famous for. I’ve been a listener since the seventies. Never have I heard a more disappointing bunch of microphone-pushers posing as journalists covering a Presidential election - you roam around the country, acting as if leaving the east coast requires tremendous effort, you stick your microphones in the faces of anyone willing to say anything to be heard. Does it ever occur to you to dig a little deeper? Did it occur to you this morning, Robin Young or Jeremy Hobson, to ask Paris Dennard what buying shoes at Macy’s, even if he was discouraged by a salesperson not to buy Ivanka shoes, had to do with his support of Trump? Apparently not. I was so ashamed I turned off the radio.

My plan after the election is to encourage KPBS to rid itself of middle-of-the-day east coast-centric shows and instead find some exacting journalism, say perhaps an Hispanic show, an African-American show, a gay talk show, all with a west coast perspective.

Whoever wins, national NPR loses me.


Monday, October 31st, 2016


me a cup of coffee
or to be President of the
greatest Country on Earth.

He abuses women
He admits it.

Wake up
Mothers and Fathers
your daughters will grow up
under his thumb
if he wins
(pray not)
and what will they learn
from him -
abuse is expected
bitch will be the code word
for a smart woman
who follows her dreams
you want your daughter
to be called a bitch
by her President?
by her brothers?

Your sons will grow up
to admire him
to follow his anger
your anger
if he wins
(pray not)
they will call women
women they say they love
does that mean your
daughters will be
men’s bitches
that your sons
will be sexual predators
and laugh about it
around your daughters?

who want to
stir things up
and vote for him
will never admit
4 years from now
if he wins
(pray not)
that you ever voted for him

that is how bad
it will be.


is not the solution
he is the bully
the strongman
who will destroy

I am tired of this
I am worried
about Trump
leading us to
that anger
has forced
that disrespect
has fueled.

His remedy
is self-serving
His hateful
will last until
he tires of being
the leader of
the free world
and he will hasten


Yeah, dictate.

It is not funny
to me.

The Presidency

Sunday, October 16th, 2016

When people say they thought Obama would solve racism just because he was the first black president, as if racism would magically disappear with no help from anyone just because Obama was elected, and now the media and the people are disappointed because he didn’t end racism - I say, instead, that the first black president has opened our eyes to the racism that is still rampant in our country - the same as Hillary Clinton is exposing the sexism and misogyny that still exists.

They cannot solve it alone, if indeed solving it is a goal, which I wonder about now that we are knee-deep and shit-high in election 2016.

It is up to us to find solutions or we will die trying and our country, divided, will not stand.


Sunday, October 9th, 2016


Until tonight, I had never witnessed such unabashed predator behavior by a Presidential candidate. Trump roamed, sniffed, snorted, circled Clinton like a predator drone. What worries me is that the media are getting used to this and it will be accepted as proper behavior the next time a woman runs against a man for President.

Say what you will about Hillary Clinton, think what you will about Hillary Clinton, especially all you Trump women out there, but you will never convince me he would have treated a man the same way - all the hissing behind her back, all the chortling with his eyes closed like a seething bat, his complete disregard of common decency - do not tell me this man is fit to be President, he is not even fit to be in the same room with a woman alone.

Kudos to Clinton for not picking up her chair and slamming it upside his head.

Below is a copy/paste link to an address given by Lionel Shriver at a recent Writers Festival in Australia and to my New York 〒imes Pick comment in support of her “cultural appropriation” Views

Thursday, September 29th, 2016


David Harrington Campbell
Hillcrest, CA
September 14, 2016

Without Tennessee Williams, we would have no Maggie the Cat, no Blanche DuBois, no Amanda or Laura Wingfield, no Alexandra Del Lago. Kudos to Ms. Shriver for speaking her mind in this ever compartmentalized culture of ours. The old adage of “write what you know” has been robbed of its original meaning: yes, “write what you know,” but that does not mean write about yourself and your friends and pets and writing room, or there would be no literature of merit. “Write what you know” means write what you understand yourself to be in other people, what you understand yourself to be in other cultures, in other circumstances, just as Mr. Williams did, just as Ms. Shriver does.

Let us not nitpick ourselves out of the existence of art. After all, Van Gogh was not a flower nor did Tom Robbins have an oversized thumb (I haven’t examined his thumbs in person, I’m guessing on this one).

Cultures must encourage artists, not peck them to death.