I rage for the lies and cover-up perpetrated by the Bush administration to get us into this war and keep us there.  I cry for the daily death toll and wounded toll of our troops.  The only way to stop Bush and his administration from continuing his suicide mission is to begin impeachment hearings on the President.  We could start with A.G. Gonzales or V.P. Cheney.  But this administration is rotten from the core so we need to start with President Bush.  If we don’t impeach, it makes it easier for the next Bush.  Practice makes perfect…

4 Responses to “IRAQ”

  1. Luke Says:

    Hi David,
    I’am with you on this one. The President is way in over his head and he doesn’t have the skills or advisors to step back, they need to be impeached.
    Luke. ps, keep talking to us in your blog, I look forward to you thoughts.

  2. David Says:


    Thanks for responding to my last entry about Iraq. I agree with you, the only way to get to the bottom of this madness in Iraq is to start at the top.

  3. Saggitario Seven Says:

    I have a good friend who works in DC as a respected (democratic) lawyer. HIS good friend works in the Pentagon and they agree that it is imperative that THEY get impeached because of the impending WWIII in Iran. They MUST be impeached as soon as possible. The state of California should have long ago been the state to be first in pressing for impeachment. Chimpeach Bush and Cheney, the brains behind Bush.
    PS… (hey…wouldn’t that make Nancy Pelosi president?)

  4. David Says:

    Hey Sag 7,

    Thanks for that info. Everyday, more and more people, both politicians and not, are using the “I” word. As I said and as your friend said, it’s the only way to untangle the web of the Bush years.

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