The “Carnival Barker” President

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DHC | Hillcrest, CA
What a day! We had Judge Kavanaugh in front of the Judiciary Committee sweating and swerving around questions like a Bumper Car Champ at the county fair. Then, during the Judiciary hearings, we had a White House official named Anonymous opine in The Times about how s/he along with other White House comrades are saving the country from “amoral” Trump but oh wait, except for the tax cuts Trump and the Republicans passed and the judicial nominees the “amoral” Trump is appointing to the Supreme, Appellate and lower courts… but s/he is avoiding a Constitutional crisis by not triggering the 25th Amendment to the Constitution which is, yes, you got it, an Amendment to the Constitution so how possibly can it create a Constitutional crisis?

Ask Anonymous, I guess.

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  1. Patricia Ann Pedersen Says:

    Did Anon want an award for secretly tempering/tampering/ with the presidency?

    Here’s One: Shameless, Gutless, and Fucking Over the American People Award…Damn, it was a close call this year/month/day/hour, but you nailed it!

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