A Bye Bye from Bush

“There’s an old saying here in California, I mean in west Texas, did I just say I live in California, I’m in Texas, but not right now, I’m in Washington, I’m the President.  Anyway I can fool me once but you can’t fool me again, and our job in the war on terra is to forget about it because well, that’s not why I got this job, I mean ask Scale, that guy on the court, or behind first base, the Supreme justice guy who told me to forget about how I was chosen to be commander in disbelief, I mean in hindsight, he told me to forget about it.  God bless America.” 

– “GWB, no GHB, my initials, you know what I mean by now.”

2 Responses to “A Bye Bye from Bush”

  1. Luke Says:

    Luke say,
    Bye bye Bbbbbuussssss sh.

  2. Jewell Says:

    You are awesome! I think God made you and threw away all other molds because you are the MAN!

    I love this. You got it, babe! Right on!

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