David’s Handiworks

2020: Pandemic Times

Since the lock down in March, I have come home to writing short stories.

WILD CHILD, copyright 2020, is a true story about my young coming of age, learning to be sexual and learning to love boys and men during the 60s and 70s.

LOCK DOWN LOVE, copyright 2020, is a story about two married men coping with being cooped up during the early days of the pandemic.

UNTITLED, my new story, is about a house that vanished on a small island.


It is time for my novels
my scripts
It is time for my blog
It is time.

There are times
we are living in
when I know
It is time.

2018: As my old Epson printer used to say at the end of a job, “printing complete.”

I now imitate the printer’s voice and say, “memoir complete.”

Congrats to me.

My memoir is complete, with a new title.

2017: Dancing on the Cellar Door, my published novel, needs to be a 10-13 episode streaming series.

~ DANCING ON THE CELLAR DOOR is a tale of revelation set in 1992 - a dance with the past that leads to the light of the future.

Conrad, a famous actor and Margaret, a rich southern belle, are half-siblings who inherit an Island from a father they dislike and never trusted. So why are they shocked to discover each other exists?

They arrive on their Island to finalize the Will with its executor, Sophie, the curator of a secret and the Goddess of wisdom who unlocks the mysteries of the Cellar Door and the Cellar.

When tempers are close to exploding, Myeck arrives. He is Sophie’s eternal mate and the guardian of fossils and souls.

The Island is full of magic and mystery and it soon becomes apparent that dancing is good for the heart, honesty hurts but can be withstood, and laughter is the preferred medicine for a vigorous spirit, along with a sprinkle of forbidden love and a splash of salmonberry wine.

2016: My screenplay, LOVE IN HIS VEINS, is completed and out there, floating through the ether like a leather clad nymphomaniac, screaming “look at me, look at me,” (hat tip to Tennessee Williams).

~ It is 1974 when Grayson Dobbs and Tony Love arrive in San Francisco, separately, on very different missions and long before AIDS has entered the parlance of Castro Street and the men who live there. What Grayson and Tony discover about each other and the men around them will forever change all their lives and write the first chapter in an ongoing history of sex and love, deceit and death, and the hunted and the hunters. One thing is certain, in this explosive script, there is love in Grayson’s veins and it’s deliberate.

2013: A new project has me very excited. BEND, a screenplay. Stay tuned.

OOPS, WAIT A MINUTE - here’s the truth, two years later.

2015: For historical purposes, I include this debacle, all writers have at least one, don’t they? Maybe? Maybe not? I wasted 2 years of my life writing a screenplay titled BEND:

My cohort,
aka the huckster,
the one who begged me
to write his story
didn’t follow through
like he said
he would
when I was finished
with BEND.
He chased a young actor instead
tried to make himself
and the young actor famous
while abandoning BEND.
It all blew up.
And BEND was lost.

“No regrets, coyote,” Joni Mitchell sings.

Good riddance, Brent.

2016: Memoir:

The Harringtons and Campbells, the Hacklers and Livesays, are too passionate to ignore and too hateful not to love. Turns out I was born into this mess of people I didn’t know. Then I got to know them. Then I ran away. And the best news is, I survived, I am still here.

2002-2016: DANCING ON THE CELLAR DOOR, my published novel, is currently available worldwide, click Amazon link to purchase.

2012: TOO MANY PIECES, my short story collection:

Cage, Culver, Lela Mae and Crissy Leigh are among the many southerners and others you will meet in this collection of stories which both celebrate the indulgence of stalking madness and question the pursuit of chasing your sanity.