Election Night, 2008

6pm: Kay Hagan wins NC, thanks to sis Susan for working so hard in NC for Hagan and Obama. Udall and Shaheen win!

7pm: Blue is spreading across the country. Luke and I are glued to the tube, the Mac, and NPR downstairs. Goal is to get more than 50% of popular vote for Obama.

7:25pm: The shots of people still walking toward Grant Park in Chicago to rejoice in Obama’s win, joining the already gathered throngs, is historic. And I mean it now!

8:06pm: He Won! Congratulations President and First Lady Obama.

10:04pm: Prop. 8 is winning which means California will amend the State Constitution to ban gay marriage if the trend continues. Luke and I got married on August 9. If it wins, are we still married? The only v e r y sour note in the election tonight. But there are still northern CA precincts to report so I’m not giving up.

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  1. Jewell Says:

    Yeah! Barrack has won! Now the big issue is Prop. 8. I hope it is defeated –if for no other reason than it would make you madder than you know what and hurt you. I do not like any of my people hurt in any way. Besides all that Rachel Maddow (MSNBC) said, “How can they suspend a right they have already granted?” Yes. how can they?

    As I said before David, no piece of paper can marry two people. No ban can unmarry them. I truly hope the ban is defeated, but just in case, you are more married than straight people I know. Case closed. I am right on this one. And if the same were said of straight people, I would feel still married. Paper doesn’t do it. Years ago I would not say that much less believe it, but it is true. Your hearts hold hands and that has been going on for 24 years, right. Don’t fret, dear one.

    I have been glued to the tvs in the house for over two months. Last night I did not watch much on the election at all. And tonight, well, tonight is the beginning of a total change. Good I hope . One can never really tell.

    Love you guys.


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