Former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger

I’ve always been disgusted on a visceral level by Schwarzenegger and now I know why, aside from his posing and arrogance and lack of any political abilities and his ­pardon of a murderer, he has no respect for women.

Oh, and remember when he was first elected Governor of California during the recall of Gov. Davis, how the national Republican party started talking about changing Article II, Section I of the Constituti­on so that a non-natura­l born citizen could run for President (Arnold) and then, surprise surprise, Obama was dogged with Birth Certificat­e issues after he won the Presidency?  I thought you remembered.  Those days are over.  Can you imagine Donald Trump, another egomaniacal asshole like Schwarzenegger asking George W. Bush to prove he’s an American?  No, you cannot. 

I tell you one damn thing, the American voters better wake up and realize that politics isn’t a reality television show, it is serious business. We could easily derail this country of ours if we don’t pay attention and take a breath.  

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  1. Luke Says:

    Right on bro, it may already be too late.

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