Happy Birthday, Dad

You would be 100 today.  I can’t believe you’ve been dead for 20 years.  I miss you.  I’m writing about you in my new book, I want to keep our bond alive…  We did our best with the father and son thing, don’t you think?

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  1. Jewell Says:

    You both aced the father-son roles. He is still with you David-in your thoughts, your goals, where you walk, how you think, things you and only you remember, people you have known growing up. He is just above you, embracing you –we all want to embrace you! We may not have perfect lives or even the ones we want, but we recognize perfection and it is you.

    In this diseased world of feces, you stand out pure, clean, and buoyant-rising above the mire most are in. Keep doing whatever you are doing: it is working my dear.

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