Alzheimer’s and Mom

I called my Mom this afternoon, her husband answered, he handed the phone to Mom.  I told her I was David, as I always do.

“I’m David, your son.”  Silence.  “Hi, Mom.  It’s David.  Your son.  I wanted to say hello.”  Silence.  

“Ah,” Mom said. Silence. “Ah - lo.”

“Yes, Hello,” I said.  Silence.  “Hello, Mom, it’s David.”  Silence. 

“Hel…,” Mom said. 

“Yes, hello Mom.”  Silence.  

“Hel… lo?” Mom said. 

“Hello, Mom.” 


“Yes, Mom, Hello, it’s David.”

copyright, 2010

2 Responses to “Alzheimer’s and Mom”

  1. Jewell Says:

    Myheart breaks for you and your knowledge and awareness of what is happening. Maretha said she looked worse than in April. What can I do to help?

  2. Jewell Says:

    I am commenting on my comment: I see a book coming from this.

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