I detest Hillary Clinton,

and Bill Clinton, too.  I was one of the last hold-outs in my circle of friends, even after the impeachment hearings and the pardons.  But the behavior of both of them, first Bill, lately Hillary, have made my stomach turn and my blood boil.  I could not sleep after the speech Sen. Clinton gave after her ”wins” last Tuesday.  Her tactics are Roveish and Bushish — say and do anything to win.  I was a feminist long before most of the women I know and certainly long before most of the men I know.  This race between Clinton and Obama is not about feminism, sorry Tina Fey.  It is about integrity and honesty, something that is sorely lacking and in need of repairing in American politics or our country runs the chance of being sucked down the drain like so many soapy hair balls.  I feel dirty when I hear Sen. Clinton lie about Sen. Obama.  I need a shower to cleanse the filth.  Bring it on, any woman or man out there who want to see a woman president before a black president.  Debate me.  There is no pecking order here.  Just a revulsion order.  Hang in there, Sen. Obama.  And don’t believe the line that Sen. Clinton is readying you for the republican onslaught if you get the nomination.  The putrid stench of your fellow democrats attacking you is far worse than the McCain swift boating that lies ahead.  It is a measure of your electabilty and foresight that you had a plan after Super Tuesday and Sen. Clinton did not.  Forge ahead.    

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