Is it Over?

There were times during the past 8 years when I wondered if the Bush/Cheney siege would end.  Tonight I’m still not convinced.  I worry McCain will win by a fluke or contrived election results.  Pundits tell us the big issue in tomorrow’s election is the economy and that is why Obama will win.  My motives in voting for Obama are different.  It started for me on election day, 2000, and the long weeks afterward until the Supreme Court selected George W. Bush president.  I just heard Neil Conan on NPR state that Bush’s legitimacy had long ago been confirmed.  Not for me.  And I’m not alone.  I suspect the increased numbers of new registered voters along with increased voter turn-out is based in part on Election 2000 and the subsequent Bush/Cheney mauling of our Constitution and our rights after 9/11.  This view is not being reported on or talked about in the television media.  Can the reluctance to report be blamed on Bush/Cheney fatigue?  Or is it the unwillingness of the reporters and pundits to discuss the issue because they would in a sense be reporting on themselves and their support of the illegitimate Bush presidency and the Iraq war. 

One final thing:  The Wall Street bailout, which I’ve written about and opposed from the outset, is being abused.  Big shock.  The banks are sitting on our bailout money, refusing to lend it, instead using it to bulk up their quarterlies.  It is time to demand they release the money into the economy, back to the lenders of the money, the taxpayers, you and me.

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  1. Jewell Says:

    I totally agree with you on the bailout money. I am beginning to believe this was all a hoax in order to receive more money so that those who are the wealthiest in the nation will be wealthier. THAT MAKES ME VERY MAD.

    Love to you two.


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