“Jesus is Calling”

Luke found out that his Gibson guitar, which he bought in the seventies, is in perfect shape.  The guitar guys he took it to couldn’t take their hands off it.  Now he’s playing again.  And it is music to my ears. 

I watched “Trip to Bountiful” yesterday on the movie channel.  Geraldine Page.  Whew…  She takes your breath away.  She is losing her breath in the movie and the audience has to breathe for her.  Geraldine’s character hums hymns and sings hymns throughout the movie.  The most prominent hymn is “Jesus is Calling.”  Something about that hymn makes me sob so hard I have to remember to breathe.  Horton Foote wrote the script.  Miss Page won the Oscar, her first, after eight nominations. 

“Softly and tenderly…

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  1. Jewell Says:

    Horton Foote also wrote the screenplay for To Kill a Mockingbird.

    Just a tidbit .


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