Last Night of Democratic Convention

Gabby Giffords: After being gunned down, she makes a comeback, leading the Pledge of Allegiance. No dry eyes in the house, including mine.

Jennifer Granholm: Rocked the socks off the Dems feet.

John Kerry: Brought the foreign policy truths home. Finally someone brags about bringing Bin Laden to justice, reaffirms that Obama repaired our reputation around the world after the lies of Bush and the neocons.

Jill Biden: Brilliant woman, you should be so lucky Repubs to have her in your camp.

Joe Biden: A sincere man of focused intellectual curiosity and righteous admiration for our military along with sincere love for his family and our country.

President Barack Obama: He continues to get the job done in spite of the Republicans’ vow to oppose his every move. They tried to destroy Clinton and now they accuse Obama of every sin under the sun including not being a citizen (HE IS) when Romney admitted in his acceptance speech that his father, who ran for president, was born in Mexico! Obama sees America succeeding, Romney/Ryan see an America in decline. What would Reagan think?

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