GUNS: A few mornings ago I awoke and thought to myself, “it’s about time for another mass shooting, how long has it been?” Well, it happened today. In Oregon. President Obama, once again, in front of the cameras, a little angrier than last time, what was it, Roanoke? Where I went to High School. Oh, yes. Before that? Well, you all remember. On and on it goes. If french fries were causing this many deaths we would do something about the french fries, right? Guns? NO! End of discussion. We blow each other away on a daily basis. WHOOPEE.

THE POPE: The media is shocked, I tell you, the GLBTQRSTUV groups are stunned beyond belief because The Pope met with that woman? From Kentucky? The latest fame-seeker using religion to make money and get face time on TV! Yay! TV. This one pretends her God is being defamed, her religion attacked, just because I married my husband in 2008 who I’ve now loved and lived with for 32 years? Really? How many times you been married Miss “I need a new hairdo” Kentucky? And the Pope? Oh my. All those white robes and his little bonnet and cute little “gay” car, kissing babies and rubbing heads? He’s the Pope, for God’s sake. He runs a country called Vatican City, for the Catholic Church. He denies women the right to even ponder being Priests, so why, oh why, are you shocked he met with an attention-seeking missile from Kentucky, in private, the coward, who believes I should not be treated equally under the law of MY COUNTRY, Not His Country, MY COUNTRY, THE USA. SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE, People! Get a grip. He’s The Pope!

3 Responses to “NEWSY NEWS: GUNS. THE POPE.”

  1. patricia pedesen Says:

    Thank You! Hard to not be sick of the “shock”. Until we rise up and fight the NRA…opps…they got the cash and weapons…it’s the same, the new normal, the same old b.s.

    Yeah to the pope-shock…He has a better and kinder vocabulary and gives Fox News another way to make fools of themselves AND birth control? Abortions? Those pesky little things that happen to women and their children (sex abuse by priests?) I’ll give him this: He’s pretty brave to drive around in that little pop-tart car. Go David go!

  2. Luke Says:

    Well said. I don’t care what they think about Marriage Equality, it didn’t come down to a vote, so move on.

  3. Susan Says:

    I sure wish there was a stat for the percentage of shooters that are Kim Davis fans. Would it be unanimous?

    I’m with Luke. Let’s move on! :)

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