Today I discovered that since I upgraded my website software a few months ago, I must approach the “comments” to my blog in a different way.  The upgrade allows me to keep out the spam comments which I get hit with but it also means I must approve the non-spam comments before they are posted.  I’ll never keep out anyone who posts a disagreement to my views or hates or loves me but this upgrade does allow me to keep out the xxx comments from the xxx websites who want free advertising on my site, for instance, rent your sex toy here, embrace your desires with a few ropes and pulleys here, see the biggest, hottest photos of _____  (you fill in the blank here) — you get the picture.  

I spent an hour today going through all the comments.  “Whew,” is all I can say after reading the xxx ones.  In spite of my reaction to the xxx, I only uploaded the legit ones.  So, those of you who are not trying to sell your xxx on my site without me making any xxx money (a crucial distinction) have had your comments posted and I will keep up with your comments from now on.

The good news is:  It took two months to discover this “comments” blip because I’ve been working like crazy on my new novel.  Thanks to Luke, as always, for asking me the questions that led to the answers regarding my “comments” issue.  He understands my altered writing state and bless his heart for doing so.    

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