Our next President, Barack Obama

I have attended two Democratic Conventions, the first in 1976 at Madison Square Garden in NYC when President Carter was nominated, the second in 1984 in San Francisco when Walter Mondale and Geraldine Ferraro were nominated and lost to President Reagan and future President Bush.  I was inspired by President Carter in 1976 — why does no one invoke his name, he isn’t dead?  I was enthusiastic in 1984 with Mondale and especially Ferraro on the ticket even though I knew they would lose…  I was a boy when President Kennedy was elected and then shot and killed.  I remember the emotions around me during both events, unbridled joy at his election and palpable grief at his death. 

Now in 2008, having lived through Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Carter, Reagan, Bush 1, Clinton, and Bush 2, I am supporting Obama.  We need a President who inspires all of us, young and old, no matter the hue of our skin, no matter our religious beliefs.  We need a president who will awaken our best inclinations, a leader who inhabits the ability to excite and transform young voters;  it is the young who will guide us into our future.  You bet I’m a dreamer and I’m damn proud of it.  Dreams become realities.  Our country needs reality.

Our next President ought to be Barack Obama and I will do everything I can to turn that dream into reality.   

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  1. Luke Says:

    Hi David, I want the black man.

  2. Jewell Says:

    Me too.


  3. Mulberry Handbags Says:

    It could be worse…where I live we sweat in the winter, and people wear shorts and sandles and shit year round

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