Until tonight, I had never witnessed such unabashed predator behavior by a Presidential candidate. Trump roamed, sniffed, snorted, circled Clinton like a predator drone. What worries me is that the media are getting used to this and it will be accepted as proper behavior the next time a woman runs against a man for President.

Say what you will about Hillary Clinton, think what you will about Hillary Clinton, especially all you Trump women out there, but you will never convince me he would have treated a man the same way - all the hissing behind her back, all the chortling with his eyes closed like a seething bat, his complete disregard of common decency - do not tell me this man is fit to be President, he is not even fit to be in the same room with a woman alone.

Kudos to Clinton for not picking up her chair and slamming it upside his head.


  1. susan mccachren Says:

    True. I couldn’t even sleep after that awful spectacle last night. As a woman, this type of predatory behavior is unfortunately not unfamiliar. It is used by cowards to dominate and control women. This is why women will not allow this man to be elected President of the United States. The polls are showing increasing support for HRC and Trump’s numbers evaporating.

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