Six Six, Pick up Sticks

It is time to run the Republicans over the “fiscal cliff.”

Here’s why: Bill Clinton was elected in 1992 and the Republicans deemed him an illegitimate president, whatever that means to them. It did mean that they tried to impeach him in his 2nd term under false pretenses using an out-of-control prosecutor, Mr. Starr (oh, the memories of him). Then we had President Bush for 2 terms and the Republicans rolled over for him like lap dogs and let him start and fight 2 wars without paying for them. Without paying for them! Instead, we got the infamous Bush tax cuts which Democrats were opposed to in 2001 and 2003 and have spent a decade blasting as a reckless policy that represents nothing but a giveaway to the rich. Apparently even Bush is sick of hearing about his Bush tax cuts.

Cut to 2008: President Obama is elected. The Republicans deem (from the Middle English demen, from Old English deman; akin to Old High German tuomen to judge, Old English dom doom, First Known Use: before 12th century) him an illegitimate president and do everything in their power to force him to fail. Mitch McConnell said so. Out loud. Then just last month President Obama was reelected with over a 4 million vote margin yet the Republicans still can’t believe he won and still think he is illegitimate so now we are hanging off a “fiscal cliff” of the Republicans making because they refuse to listen to the electorate, refuse to work with the President and are willing, it appears, to destroy our country to placate their silly little oaths and biases, indeed their disregard, bordering on hate, for the American people.

Detect a pattern here?

Shove the Republicans over the fiscal cliff - they are no longer capable of governing.

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  1. Drew Searing Says:

    The fiscal cliff is irrelevant except for the top 2% tax bracket. Isn’t it time these zillionaires pay a little more taxes. I say, let’s run over that cliff like Thelma and Louise… !!!

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