“Surprised and Frustrated”

That is a quote from Robert Gibbs, spokesman for President Obama, about the possible at the time and now confirmed win of Scott Brown, the newly elected Republican Senator from Massachusetts.  I am not surprised which makes me wonder why Obama is.  In a year’s time I have watched him abandon his base and move forward with an agenda that appears to have been born inside a fog of “no change” and “bipartisanship,” when clearly no Republicans wanted to work with him - that was their agenda.  How’d that work out?  Wake up, Mr. Obama, and learn how to govern, learn how to lead.  My best political bud, Jerry, thinks it’s too late.  He may be right.  But I’ll give you another year, Mr. President.  Make it happen.  Be daring like you were in the campaign.  Don’t prove me wrong.  I can’t take it.   

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  1. Jewell Says:

    I hurt when you hurt and cry when you do. So much is unfair in this world and perpetrated by those who proclaim to be “fair”–whatever that word really means. You know the world I grew up in, but I have questioned that world for most of my life. IT IS UNFAIR TO MAKE ANYONE FEEL LIKE SECOND CLASS CITIZENS OR FORBID THEM TO FIND THE HAPPINESS THEY CHOOSE–as long as it is not murder. I do not understand why the world behaves as it does. I know your heart is bruised and pained and I wish I could make things different for you and Luke. I just don’t know whose arm to break.

    I love you David and I know that doesn’t answer the hurt in your voice and heart, but I love you. Always have and always will.

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