Citizen Investment Initiative, CII

What follows is my economic stimulus plan, the Citizen Investment Initiative, CII, with a shout out to Jerry Gold, who has supported the idea from the beginning and, like me, is more committed to it with each passing day.

Every adult citizen of the U.S. (18 and older) will receive a check from the Federal Government for 1 million dollars by July 1, 2009.  The first payments will go to every adult who filed an income tax return in 2009 and to those who did not make enough money to file a tax return in 2009.  The second payments will go to the homeless and the off-the-grid citizens:  they can either come forward on their own; they can be located by various church affiliated and secular organizations who have the information to track them; or they can choose not to participate, no questions asked. 

According to the U.S. Census Bureau tonight there are 307 million people in the country.  Close to 1/4 are under the age of 18.  But let’s just pretend we are country of adults — that is 307 million people, 307 million dollars.  Tack on some fraud (as if it’s not happening now with the banks and auto companies) and let’s agree we’re working with 350 million dollars. 

Check this out: 

My point is, the economy will spring to life the day the first payments are cashed.  350 million dollars is a miniscule drop in the bucket when compared to the bailouts the taxpayers are funding on a daily basis to the banking and auto industries.  We are a country of entrepreneurs.  Americans are innovative and cannot be stopped when they get a chance.  It is our turn now.

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  1. Jewell Says:

    You should run for emperor. You can think and the other people, Lord bless them, do a poor imitation.

    I like your plan. Wow!

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