The Obama Budget, the Obama Presidency, The Piss Ant Democrats and the “suddenly I care about the deficit” Republicans — The story of a Presidency entering its third month, as in the number 3, as in less than 90 days

A day or two after Obama won the Presidency my good friend, the astute political observer, Jerry Gold, said that it would be the Democrats who would be the biggest obstacle for Obama and his agenda.  And here we are, entering the third month of Obama’s Presidency and Jerry is proven right.  Senator Evan Bayh, who didn’t run for President and in fact sat on the sidelines, and Senator Kent Conrad from North Dakota, who endorsed Obama early on, and the rest of the “suddenly I can speak after 8 years” contrarian Democrats are standing up and attempting to block the progress that Obama was elected to pursue.  I knew the Republicans would not support Obama but I never dreamed they would state publically that they want him to fail.  But hey, they were bound and gagged for 8 years while Bush was in power, I guess they need to exercise their vocal cords.  But the contrarian Democrats, now they are a different story and a sorry lot.  They limped along during the Bush years, heads hung down, the “hangdog look” my grandmother used to say.  I thought the Dems had vanished from the earth while Bush was in office.  But no.  Oh, no.  One of their own was elected in a landslide and now they’re up in arms against him, acting as if they are all the President and suddenly the deficit is all the rage and they just can’t stop insinuating how misguided their President is.   

Here’s my question:  Do the blue dog hangdog Democrats want Obama to fail, too?  And if so, why?  And if not, what are they doing?  I’m open to suggestions. 

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