Zach Wahls’ Speech

19-year old Zach Wahls spoke

during a forum in front of the Iowa House of Representatives before they voted on an amendment to ban same-sex marriage along with civil unions and domestic partnerships.  Even after Zach’s speech, the Iowa House voted 62-37 to approve the amendment which creates 2nd class citizens of all gay and some straight residents of Iowa.  Not since slavery have we seen such blatant discrimination. Today, as people around the world are fighting and dying for freedom, it is a terrible shame and a troubling truth that politicians like those in the Iowa House of Representatives are intent on taking freedoms away from their fellow Iowans.  America is a beacon for freedom, or it used to be.  Lady Liberty.  The young people in Egypt are fighting and dying for their freedom while Iowa politicians sit back and rip up freedoms like they mean nothing at all.  Well, THEY DO MEAN SOMETHING AT ALL — This is America. 

Now watch Zach’s speech.  It’s only 3 minutes long.

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