A Prez Race Rant and Redemption

Is it possible for McCain and his advisors to whine any louder about his press coverage?  We’ve had 8 years of the Main Stream Media (MSM) licking the boots of Bush and his Administration.  The MSM has destroyed itself and its reputation as a result.  Now, here come McCain and the Repubs, crying and babbling about how much coverage Obama is getting on his one week trip overseas.  Excuse the hell out of me…  The MSM has rubber-stamped Bush’s policies for 8 years, the Democrats have rolled over like anesthesized sheep, both barely making a sound as Bush has gotten his whiney way for 2 terms BUT oh no!, we have a candidate, Obama, who is smart and engaging and is being proven right at every turn and OH NO, too much coverage of him.  And when McCain is covered, he invariably forgets, misspeaks, or lies so he should be grateful.  And OH NO, where is the fairness in this, Fox News cries, McCain cries?  Fairness?  Yeah, right.  Fairness is a word that no longer lives up to the musical sound it makes as it rolls off the lips.  Fairness is being relegated to the weak and stupid, the uninformed among us.  Fairness has become a prissy word, it’s no longer hip, no longer mouthed unless out of desperation. 

One of the reasons I respect Obama, and trust him, and support him, is because he doesn’t whine.  He always takes the high road.  He doesn’t need to placate his ego by ripping people to shreds.  (I still don’t get the Hillraisers who blame him for her MSM coverage.)  He is who he is.  And he has had a lot of MSM coverage.  And Blog coverage.  And I’d say more than 1/2 of it has been negative or something I’ve detected recently, “worried coverage,” I call it.  I hear these talking-brainless heads express concern that “he could” say the wrong thing, that ”he might” fall down, as in trip over a cord, that ”he without doubt” will not be well-received by someone or a crowd on his trip.  Surely.  I laugh, what else to do?  Who are these people?  While they fret Obama carries on, moves on, cool as a sea breeze.   

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