Amendment 1 in North Carolina

I’m sad and disgusted to hear that North Carolina voters passed Amendment 1. I keep hearing that voters didn’t understand what they were voting for. I believe that emotions for the Amendment were stirred up by lots of misinformation but none more important than that of the Reverend Billy Graham, Sr., putting out the word that he supported the Amendment because of the Bible. Yes, this is the same Billy Graham who defended President Nixon after Watergate and President Clinton after his blow job. I wish I could write his obituary - may this hateful decision of his be his legacy.

Reminds me of Proposition 8 passing in California, another Constitutional Amendment banning marriage between same gender couples, thanks to the deluge of money that poured into the state from the Mormon Church.

The time has come, in fact, the time has long since passed, to consider taxing individual religious institutions that engage in politics under the guise of being separated from the state.

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