Cats and Democrats

I find it historically stunning and worth noting that the Republicans found their voices as soon as Bush flew off the White House lawn and Obama took office.  Just two weeks ago the only person who gave the House and Senate Republicans a voice was Obama.  Where was their leader, their President, Mr. Bush, then?  Just a few weeks ago, the only person in Washington working his ass off to build a coalition that mirrored the citizens who elected him was Obama.  He hasn’t been in office a week so far and yet Republicans and their talking head spores are hoping and praying he will not succeed.  I’ll file them and their sentiments under a caption that reads, “LOSERS.”  Or capital “L” above the forehead.  Or a term most befitting, “failures.”

To the Democrats in Congress, I have eight words:  ”Leave your egos at the door and fight.”  Obama can afford to reach out and build a coalition across party lines, you cannot.  You better not let him down, you better be partisan and get the damn job done.  Otherwise, let Webb from Virginia replace Reid, (let anyone replace Reid), and find a replacement for Pelosi unless she supports Obama and gets every Democrat in line.  I’m tired of the analogy that bringing Democrats together is like herding cats.  Cats are intuitive and smart.  They also have sharp tongues.  Remember that Pelosi.  It takes a President and a House to get things done in DC. 

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    Can I clone you? How do I do that? Research and let me know. I wanna do it!

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