Congratulations, Nomadland

Hillcrest, CA |

April 24, 2021

This is my response in the Times to Maureen Dowd’s latest column.
She wasn’t a fan of Nomadland and neither was a friend of hers she
quoted in the column so I had to write an opposing view for the
now Oscar winning film.

(As a Hollywood writer friend of mine said after she watched
“Nomadland”: “That was not entertainment. That was Frances
McDormand having explosive diarrhea in a plastic bucket on a van.”)

You need new friends, Ms Dowd! “Nomadland” portrayed a segment
of American life many of us drive by on highways and back roads, in
parking lots and on our streets, that we never get to know.
McDormand, along with the real nomads, takes us on a journey
through a culture we otherwise would never get a chance to even
begin to understand. To me, that is art, every bit as much as

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