Election Night

1. Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin survives his recall election - good news for Romney, bad news for Labor.

Comment: President Obama should have gone to Wisconsin and supported Mayor Barrett - when will he understand, if ever, that it is better to take a stand, even if you lose? Sorry, President Obama, a Tweet was not enough support for Mayor Barrett.

2. (Election Related) Proposition 8 appears to be headed for the Supreme Court. Bring it on, I say, even though turning the issue of same-sex marriage over to the activist Republican court makes me uneasy, to say the least. And DOMA, which by the way, a lot of people don’t understand, bans two married gay men or two married gay women from receiving ANY federal benefits - I’m talking no Social Security benefits if one partner in a same sex marriage dies - no benefits at all - the benefits that straight married couples take for granted. DOMA seems to be headed for the Supreme Court as well. Hang on!

3. I’m waiting on the San Diego mayor’s race - right now, the two top vote-getters are Carl DeMaio and Bob Filner. Stay tuned. . .

And, I’m still waiting. The Registrar’s Office in San Diego has a glitch, there have been no new results during the past hour. A local news reporter just said on live TV that “no new results have showed up.” Before I slit my throat, I’ll call it a night and return tomorrow!

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