Light Adjustment

Here I am, a month since my last post, checking in.  I’ve been busy writing and a good thing too because there’s a bend in the road up ahead and I’m following it. 

I’ll have some observations after the PEN Literary Awards in December.  Dustin Lance Black is accepting for best screenplay. 

Sunday the time falls back an hour so don’t forget to prepare for the light adjustment. 

2 Responses to “Light Adjustment”

  1. P Says:


    The world changes a shadow,
    a leafless tree at a time. Light
    fades at sunset, renews at dawn,
    machinated by no one, new
    and renewed at once, dark
    continuing to be a threat,
    will come again, but we don’t
    think of it at midday.

  2. Horse Bootley Says:

    P, thank you. Winter Solstice is today. HB.

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