Monster, Idiot, Prez*

Monster, Idiot, Prez*

*hat tip to Charles P. Pierce, Esquire

1. Are you Prez* voters happy yet? Your mealy-mouthed-man in the White House is destroying relationships with our allies while licking the armpits of the strong men dictators of the world. I hate you all, I will go to my grave, decades from now, hating your fucking stupid guts for bringing this man to power, when the evidence of his behavior was there for anyone to read, (oh, I forgot), insulting my country and destroying the lives of the next generations.

2. His rallies aren’t news, they’re reruns of a starved ego who feeds on the applause of his lies.

3. How does it feel to be a Prez* Christian, you Prez* Christians? You white puppets? What does it feel like to love your pussy-grabbing, children-hating, weak and fey fat obnoxious man Prez*?

4. Your Prez* is a P I G Hog, snorting his fucking way into all of our lives, disregarding the humanity, the civility, of this country. AMERICA!

5. I will be one of millions who plan to hold you Prez* supporters and voters accountable, along with your Prez* when and if this this ever ends and when and if we have a country left to rebuild. If we don’t have a country left to rebuild, to rejuvenate, then that is on you and your ancestors, Prez* voters.

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