R.I.P. Whitney Houston

“Wanna dance with somebody.” I think of Jack Fisher and I on the dance floor in the 80s in Seattle. Her singing voice soared with a clarity I have only heard from her.

And I never realized until today, after watching video footage of Ms. Houston, how much she looks like Jessica Lange.

Fly, fly, fly, fly away.

3 Responses to “R.I.P. Whitney Houston”

  1. Kay Says:

    I am just watching the postman always rings twice and thought Jessica Lang reminds me of Whitney Houston. I googled and it’s funny to see that somebody else thinks the same. Good observation….I also think that Paula Patterson does too.

  2. Valentina Says:

    I was looking on the internet if someone else noticed the fact that Whitney and Jessica Lange look almost the same and the research brought me here. Nice to see that someone else found this match.

  3. Joel Says:

    I googled the exact same thing! Watching sweet dreams and it’s amazing how much Jessica looks like Whitney from the 80s even down to the smiles and mannerism!

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