Smart to be Dumb, Dumb to be Smart

When did being wise, being thoughtful, being intellectual, become unacceptable in this country?  When did making well-reasoned and concise points become a reason to criticize someone running for President of the United States?  I am exhausted by the dumbing down of the public discourse. 

Stay the course, Mr. Obama.  It’s not worth winning if you have to wallow in the shit infested mud with the likes of Mr. McCain and the right wing attack machine.  I mean it.  I’d like to live long enough to see a smart person win the Presidency, a smart person who is not self-destructive, but if I don’t, I can live and die with that.  If my fellow citizens are as stupid as I hope they aren’t (oh yeah, I’m an “elitist” now) then they deserve the President they get.  Here’s the thing:  my maternal grandparents were not “educated” people, they were Virginia mountain people, but they never missed an election.  They discussed politics with me far more rationally than most of the “talking heads” discuss politics today, 24/7.  It is dumb to be smart, it is smart to be dumb.  There, I can be a talking head now.  I can get a job at the New York Times.  My applications are in the mail.    

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