Audacity of Advice

When did the “main stream media,” oh how I hate that term, it sounds like a post-op urinary or prostate condition — anyway, when did the MSM — consumed as it is by editorial writers, television talking heads, ancient voodoo trolls, news show hosts, radio talkers, guests on other guests shows, NPR “I’ve been invisible behind my microphone for too long” — yes, you Scott Simon, your sniveling laughter was far more desirable coming out of a young man’s mouth — all start giving advice to the President on a daily basis and believing that said advice is valuable and may in fact be the word of God? When did that start? And more importantly, why did it start? It’s as if everyone now can give advice to our new President and surely they can, I would never limit free speech — but the trouble is, who checks and balances all that advice, who keeps up with how often the blowhard baby boomers puke their bile from one day to another, each day dawning as a fresh start, a new day for new advice — running the 30 or 60 minute television mile, the ripe column inches. They cannot believe Obama is not one of them so they twist and turn like desperate children who have been told they aren’t quite smart enough to govern so they will just destroy the government, which is the people, which is the country, instead.

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