Message to Mac (Apple): Please update your spell check to include “Obama”

These economic times require leadership and truth-telling. Americans understand economics far better than the talking heads or politicians. Every week, individuals, couples, families and households pay bills and plan for the future. They realize that it takes time for finances to grow, unless they win the lottery or inherit a chunk of money. They plan for college, a health issue to be taken care of or how to afford food for the following week. It’s not that complicated. We have fallen behind as a country in many ways but that’s about to change.

An exciting part of Obama’s stimulus package is money for high-speed rail. There are rail lines planned in congested corridors in the country that will serve high-speed trains. That in turn will inspire local entrepreneurs to create transportation to and from the train hubs. Obama inspires us to embrace mass-rail for this new century, rightly so as oil reserves will diminish. We went to the moon in the sixties, less than ten years after Kennedy declared we would do so.

(God, I sound like such a policy wonk! I swear I’ll write a poem next time — or a non-policy wonky piece.)

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