September, 2018

NYTimes Kavanaugh comment

Monday, September 24th, 2018

Hillcrest, CA
7m ago

By appearing on Fox News, Kavanaugh has just proven he is nothing more than a political hack. His desire to be on SCOTUS overrides his sense of justice and if confirmed, he will forever taint, to a higher degree than now, the politicization of SCOTUS. If he wanted to talk with the press, he should have held a news conference, not appear on a partisan network with his red cheeks blazing.


My New York Times comment, published 9/18/18

Tuesday, September 18th, 2018

Hillcrest, CA 59m ago

Sen. Feinstein should not have spoken about the truthfulness of Dr. Ford’s memory on Fox or anywhere else. Dr. Ford is under right wing attack, it appears, so if Feinstein was going to comment at all, it should have been about that. The pressure Dr. Ford is under is unimaginable to most of us. I have nothing but respect for her ability to decide when and how to speak out. She will live with these decisions for the rest of her life.

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DHC: The Worst Emmy Awards Show Opening Ever - Move ON already, Don’t “Fail Joke” About Diversity, Do IT. #Goodbye EMMYSNL

Monday, September 17th, 2018

Posted on Deadline Hollywood:

DHC • 3 hours ago
I am an Awards Show junkie and I had to quit watching the show at 5:30 PDT, 1/2 hour into it, in my living room, by myself, because I am disgusted and humiliated and embarrassed by the lame and continually unfunny diversity jokes. Goodbye Emmys.

• 3 hours ago
Agreed!! This is the worst emmy show I have seen!

DHC • 3 hours ago
Also, the dig at Jesus in the opening, I could hear televisions shutting off across America. I’m an atheist but come on, leave Jesus out of it.

The “Carnival Barker” President

Monday, September 10th, 2018

The New York Times

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DHC | Hillcrest, CA
What a day! We had Judge Kavanaugh in front of the Judiciary Committee sweating and swerving around questions like a Bumper Car Champ at the county fair. Then, during the Judiciary hearings, we had a White House official named Anonymous opine in The Times about how s/he along with other White House comrades are saving the country from “amoral” Trump but oh wait, except for the tax cuts Trump and the Republicans passed and the judicial nominees the “amoral” Trump is appointing to the Supreme, Appellate and lower courts… but s/he is avoiding a Constitutional crisis by not triggering the 25th Amendment to the Constitution which is, yes, you got it, an Amendment to the Constitution so how possibly can it create a Constitutional crisis?

Ask Anonymous, I guess.