February, 2008

Roger Clemens

Wednesday, February 27th, 2008

It is unfathomable to me how many hearings Congress has held regarding Roger Clemens and steroid use.  Had the House investigated abuses committed by Bush and Cheney with as much vigor, we might have prevented their successful grab of the powers of the Presidency and privacy, not to mention the secret energy hearings held by Cheney early on which have everything to do with increased oil and gas prices and the fattening of his wallet and Bush’s wallet and all their top donors’ wallets.  Congress, during the past 8 years, whether controlled by Republicans or Democrats, has ignored this administration as if it doesn’t exist.  Bush and Cheney have had free reign to do what they want, free of oversight, especially since the Supreme Court took sides in the 2000 election.  (I have read the ruling and it is an abomination.)  Without Congress and the Court(s), our balance of powers has collapsed into the welcoming arms of the Executive Branch.

Leave Clemens alone, dammit. 

Random Questions after Super Tuesday

Thursday, February 7th, 2008

In the ’80s we had Reagan Democrats.  In the ’08s will we have Obama Republicans? 

Is the south more religious because of the violent, unpredictable weather?  And do southerners vote against their own best interests because of their religious fervor? 

Does Obama have a better chance of beating McCain than Clinton?

If Hillary Clinton was not married to Bill Clinton and her name was Hillary Campbell, would she have a better chance of winning the nomination and then the general election?

Has John McCain inspired you to donate money and volunteer for his campaign?

Do you think the baby boomer politicians have done a good job of governing?

Do you want the U.S. to stay on the same course it’s currently on for the next 8 years?

Do you think I’m still handsome even though I’m pushing 100?