August, 2019

Fosse/Verdon ~ ~ Michelle Williams/Sam Rockwell

Thursday, August 15th, 2019

Fosse/Verdon ~~ Sam Rockwell/Michelle Williams

Michelle Williams and Sam Rockwell made my toes vibrate, my fingers play rocking chair arms piano keys. They carried me with them through the performances, my misplaced tap shoes keeping the beat in my feet.

Luke & David

Friday, August 9th, 2019

Happy wedding anniversary to my husband, Luke, and to me, married in the “Summer of Love” in San Diego, California, on 08/09/08. 11 years married, coming up on 36 years together come November 15.

Love and laughter, with a bunch of hot and sexy, that’s what it is, that’s what it has been. Oh, it gets better every day.

One of the most striking moments in a 1993 interview between Charlie Rose and Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist Toni Morrison is when she says to the PBS anchor, “Imagine raising your children to despise other people.” She is soft, but stern in her delivery. In a sweeping interview about her 1992 book, Jazz, Morrison’s words feel tragically familiar 26 years later in a country still broken by racism, white supremacy, and violence.

Tuesday, August 6th, 2019

“If I take your race away, and there you are, all strung out. And all you got is your little self, and what is that? What are you without racism? Are you any good? Are you still strong? Are you still smart? Do you still like yourself? I mean, these are the questions. Part of it is, “yes, the victim. How terrible it’s been for black people.” I’m not a victim. I refuse to be one… if you can only be tall because somebody is on their knees, then you have a serious problem. And my feeling is that white people have a very, very serious problem and they should start thinking about what they can do about it. Take me out of it.”

Credit: Esquire Magazine

Write in Peace, Toni Morrison,
1931 - 2019