July, 2009

Political Discourse in America

Tuesday, July 21st, 2009

Lies are not lies as long as they are repeated over and over.

Respect for others and manners, yes manners, are dying.

Civility is a thing of the past.

Hypocrites are championed.

Rude behavior is admired.

Religion is used as a shield to repel criticism.

Love is laughed at.

Hate is rewarded.

See, Saw, Seen

Sunday, July 12th, 2009

More and more I hear and read the word “seen” used as the past tense of “see.” The past tense of “see” is “saw.” “Seen” is the past participle of “see,” not the past tense of “see.”

I see.
I saw.
I have seen.

One day I see Jane standing outside my neighbor Dick’s house. Dick also sees Jane standing outside his house. Later Dick tells me he saw Jane standing outside his house the previous day. He has now seen her standing outside his house for two days in a row.

Dick believes Jane has seen him. He believes he is being stalked.

I tell Dick not to worry, that I seen Jane standing outside his house for just that one day.

Dick punches me in the mouth and tells me I have used the word “seen” improperly.

He is right.

The moral of this story is: Do not punch people in the mouth for using “seen” improperly, just tell them: “This improper use cannot be allowed to continue, it is a threat to the eardrums and the English language.” Then have the offender repeat after you:

“I see.
I saw.
I have seen.”