January, 2012

Going Home, by Leonard Cohen

Friday, January 20th, 2012

Going home

Without my sorrow

Going home

Sometime tomorrow

To where it’s better

Than before

Going home

Without my burden

Going home

Behind the curtain

Going home

Without the costume

That I wore

New Hampshire, 2012

Tuesday, January 10th, 2012

Romney is far from impressive.  His speech tonight was icy and hyperbolic.  He wants the government to stay out of everything but the bedroom.  Oh, and he never had anything to do with the state healthcare plan in Massachusetts?  Or did he?  As Governor?  On the other hand you have Gingrich on a personal legacy campaign based on his failed policies as Speaker in the nineties - now that he’s rich he can afford to rewrite history.  On another hand you have Santorum with his personal and political attacks on the civil rights of American citizens as his obsessions with gay marriage and contraception continue unabated.  (Wonder why?  Oh, religion.)  Yes, I said contraception, he wants it banned.  Huntsman made the mistake of serving in the Obama administration.  That is not allowed in the Republican party anymore, the Republicans are dug in, no more working with the other side, no way.  At last we come to Paul, again a guy who wants government out of our lives, including the military, except for certain issues around oh, gay rights and abortion rights and the voting rights act, that’s where he’ll exert his control.  His opinions are a grab bag of I approve and I disapprove, more like an Authoritarian than a Libertarian. 

I am left with the unavoidable conclusion that all these guys believe America is a Christian nation.  It is not.  America is “a free to worship any God or no God” nation.