April, 2016

The Angry and Hateful Christians

Monday, April 11th, 2016

A Parable

The Angry and Hateful Christians

I am so fucking sick and tired of state legislatures passing laws that discriminate against gay people. (I can’t speak to the transgender bathroom issues that seem to be the most recent excuse for these laws but I will admit to using women’s restrooms when the men’s bathrooms are occupied - I live in California! They have always been one stall affairs so that I can lock the door. Why does a florist need a men’s bathroom with a bank of 5 urinals or why does a bakery need a 5 private stall women’s bathroom?)

Why are all these anti-gay discrimination laws that are sweeping the southern states based on Christian beliefs? Short answer, they are not. This is about continuing the anti-gay fight ever since the Supreme Court ruled that gay marriage is legal, and these restless politicians who spout hate in the name of love of God and Jesus have no idea what they’re talking about. How, pray tell, is my gay marriage infringing on religious freedom? Don’t bake me a fucking cake, so what? I’ll eat a damn apple which falls from the tree unless it turns out be a religiously protected tree.

I realize that you realize that I’m angry but underneath my anger is hurt because I have never in my life persecuted a religious person or called anyone’s God a name. So why, tell me, how Christian people, when they get an abundance of hate in their bloated hearts, always seem to find willing politicians hateful enough to pass policies that they say protect them for their beliefs. What are those beliefs?

It always seems to be bakeries or florists that are behind these laws - “I love you but I cannot bake a wedding cake for your wedding because it goes against my beliefs.” Pu lease.

Let’s say a murderer walks into a florist and asks for 12 white roses so he can make up with his wife after their latest fight.

“Here’s your, bouquet, sir,” the florist says. “I hope you can straighten things out with your wife.” The two men nod at each other.

In less than an hour the murderer has shot his wife through the heart and then blown his own brains out. The white roses are scattered across the floor like prayers, soaking up the sea of blood.

You get my point.

How, in the name of God, does that murderer get 12 white roses from a Christian florist when one of the 10 commandments is about to be violated?

Is there a commandment that states two loving gay people getting married do not deserve a giant wedding cake or is there a commandment that states that the death of a gay spouse does not deserve a floral arrangement?