November, 2010

“Civilization is based upon a renunciation of instinct.”

Monday, November 29th, 2010

– Sigmund Freud. 

Horse Bootley, my Doppelganger, speaks again in the NYTimes, in response to Frank Rich’s Sunday Op-Ed. At last count I had logged 1354 Recommends. Go to NYTimes website, I’m #29, or read my comment below.

Monday, November 15th, 2010
I literally weep at how Obama has lost his nerve, if he ever had any. The divide between the uber-rich and the rest of America is so wide and so deep that I see no way of avoiding the naked fact that the richest 2% will in another generation, if not sooner, make all the decisions that affect ALL Americans, especially since the Supremes decided the Citizen’s United case. All the groundwork is now in place for this ultimate corporate take over.

Time Change

Monday, November 8th, 2010

Let me say this:  It was dark outside today before 5 p.m.  The time changed, fell back, Sunday morning.  I have a hard time with these particular transitions -  both the time change and the diminishing sunlight, not to mention the falling back. 

Here’s the thing:  I will finish my short story collection TOO MANY PIECES because I love to write when it’s dark outside.  I just completed the story Somewhere Else and I have one more story to finish, Impatient Lives

I plan to make good use of the dark in other ways, too.

Sister Susan’s Quote the Morning after the Mid-Term Elections

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010

“I may as well ‘open my mouth and let the moon shine in’ as Dad used to say about eating jello.”

Thanks for reminding me of that Dad quote, Susan, I had forgotten it. You nailed last night’s election better than all the pundits and TV bobble heads and pontificating politicians put together.  And you did a great job working for Billy Kennedy in his bid to defeat incumbent Virginia Foxx - it is hard to imagine that Ms. Foxx hails from the beautiful environs of northwestern North Carolina.