June, 2019

John Graham

Friday, June 7th, 2019

RIP my long ago friend.

You turned me on to good hair our senior year of high school in Roanoke. You helped me survive my one and only year at Hampden-Sydney College, ‘73 - ‘74. I had a little crush on you, didn’t we all. The night we cut the power to our dorm at H-S before finals was both our high and higher point, especially since after our buzz wore off we turned the power back on and woke up all the guys to tell them if they didn’t hurry, they would be late for their finals.

Don’t know yet what took you out of here, just heard about your death a few hours ago from our friend Jean.

Where did all the time go.

UPDATE: Sunday

I read your obit today. Sounds like you had a good life with your family and friends. Cheers!