March, 2018

Memoir Complete

Tuesday, March 20th, 2018


This Blog needs some good news and I have some.

My memoir is complete.

I don’t want to give the title away just yet but I can tell you that writing about my life from birth to now urged all kinds of Campbell cells to scuttle out on their own and spread their stories.

I could not stop them.

Memoir Complete.

I can tell you that I am having fun, right now, right this second as I type, and I can add and also tell you that I feel good, eyes crinkled up from laughing, a new haircut and oh yeah, I completed my memoir.

Memoir Complete.

My old printer used to talk at the end of a printing job, after the last page was printed. It was a husky, don’t argue with me voice. It said,

“Printing Complete.”

“Memoir Complete,” I say to my old printer.

Do people laugh out loud anymore?

Do you?

I enjoy nothing more than hearing deep pelvic vibrations bursting up into the guts and lungs and throats of people around me, through vocal cords and over tongues, out the mouth and through the lips until the earth moves just a blip on its axis at the same time the laughter catches a jet stream and spreads around the globe like a missing star.

“Memoir complete.”