February, 2016


Saturday, February 13th, 2016


Antonin Scalia.

Is dead.

Absolutely and of course,

President Obama

should nominate Scalia’s replacement

and the Senate should vote

on the nominee.

All this talk of waiting until

the next President

takes office,

close to a year from now,

before nominating

Scalia’s replacement

is unconstitutional.

Scalia was nothing

if not a stickler

for the Constitution.

ELECTION 2016, Post 1: Sanders and Trump

Tuesday, February 9th, 2016

I was 21 years-old when I attended my first Democratic National Convention at Madison Square Garden in New York - Jimmy Carter and Walter Mondale were the nominees and they won the Presidency in 1976.

Tonight, forty years later, I’m listening to Donald Trump speaking, after winning the New Hampshire primary. My brain is exploding from his narcoleptic narcissism and nonsensical hubris about making America great again. We are great, right now. There have been no outside terrorist attacks since Obama became President, all the shootings have been homegrown American citizens killing other Americans. Sure, I’m pissed about the banks, they took my bank-account-ass for a spin during the real estate boom/bust and I criticized Obama endlessly on this Blog (check it out) for the lack of accountability on the the Bank’s parts. But I was eager enough and money hungry enough to participate so I accept my responsibility in the big sucking sound that was my credit score.

I do not think it is a good idea to trash the USA while running for President. Trash the President, sure. Trash your opponents without calling them schoolyard names. But do not trash the country. WE are the COUNTRY.

Sanders won in New Hampshire by 20 points over Clinton. He and Clinton, together, make a great candidate…

… More to come.