August, 2008


Thursday, August 28th, 2008

The times we live in deserve Barack Obama.  He’s flat out brilliant, the timing is perfect.  Our democracy, our republic, will not survive if we continue to tolerate the poison and lies spreading through our public and political discourse.  Tonight, Obama shined a light on honesty.  I hope the country can discard the fear from the past seven years and embrace the bold years that lie ahead.     

Democratic Convention, Day 3

Wednesday, August 27th, 2008

Obama will be the next president…  Tonight, the focus turned toward Obama and it will now stay there.  Barack and Joe, Michelle and Jill, their children — a new team for a new century, a century that got off on the wrong foot.  Come November, that will be corrected.    

Running Commentary on 2nd Night of Dem. Convention. And a P.S.

Tuesday, August 26th, 2008

1. James Carville: I’m sick of his lap dog sucking up to the Clintons. I’m sick of his bald head, his accent, his smarmy lips. He needs a job now, Clinton’s not going to be president… Go look for a job, James.

2. Terry McAuliffe: I just heard him say for the 3rd time this year that Hillary Clinton was going to give the speech of her lifetime tonight.

3. Tom Brokaw: He just quoted a scene from SAVING PRIVATE RYAN, referring to Obama’s quest for the Presidency, “you have to earn it.” Mr. Brokaw, Caroline Kennedy put you in your place last Sunday, even if her blouse was inside out! And if you don’t think Obama has been earning the presidency for the past 19 months, then you haven’t been paying attention.

4. Luke Russert: Glad to see him reporting about the youth vote. His is a reasoned voice, not yet tainted by political histrionics.

5. Hello — the Clintons DO NOT WANT Obama to win in November. That is the truth.

6. Damn Hillary. It is all about HER.

7. I think Obama lost the election tonight, not because of anything he has done or said, not because of anything he will do or say… I hope I’m wrong.

8. I like Governor Schweitzer.

The End of 2nd Night Commentary.

P.S.  My heart hurts, to tell the truth.  I felt the air leave the Convention floor in Denver tonight.  I have attended 2 Dem. Conventions, as I’ve written about here before.  Something is wrong in Denver.  Obama must win in November.  His win will transform the country and the world, something we’ve needed ever since Bush missed his chance on 9/11 — he didn’t even recognize the window of opportunity afforded him and our country after the attacks.  Obama did.  And he ran for President.  But he didn’t count on his own party turning against him.  A primary is a primary, then it’s over — that’s what he thought.  I’m not whining here for him, I’m pissed here for him.  He needs support.  I’ve done all I know to do…  Hillary gave every racist voter in the country an out tonight — just hang on 4 more years.  Trouble is, the country can’t wait any longer, 4 years is a long time.  Her and Bill’s ruse, along with daughter Chelsea, won’t matter one whit in 2012.  Like I said, 4 years is a long time because the past 8 years has been an eternity.    

2nd Day of the Democratic Convention

Tuesday, August 26th, 2008

I hate the fact that I even have to type their last names again but I cannot write about the Dem. Convention without typing “Clinton.” I am sick of, exhausted and furious with Hillary and Bill and their supporters. McCain is using Hillary’s words against Obama and you’re an idiot if you don’t think Hillary knew that during the primary. Gov. Rendell today comparing Obama to Adlai Stevenson… as someone “you can’t get to know,” makes my blood boil. The media feeds the Clinton madness but the Clinton surrogates and the Clintons themselves are to blame. Never in the history of primary elections has it taken so long for a candidate to lose. My fervent wish is that a young, vibrant Democrat will run against Hillary Clinton in the New York Senate primary and put her along with Bill out of politics forever. Their behavior is despicable. Hillary hasn’t spoken yet tonight but I don’t hold out much hope. I’m too worn out with her to care. And Bill’s speech tomorrow night, it will be petulant and selfish, you hide and watch. And if I’m wrong, I’ll say so… As for the talking heads and the corporations who sign their paychecks, all I can say is thank goodness for C-Span.

THIS CONVENTION IS ABOUT the OBAMAS — Never in all my years have I witnessed a more magnificent speech by a Presidential candidate’s spouse than the one Michelle gave last night. BARACK and MICHELLE OBAMA are transforming American politics and if Barack can manage to win in November, in spite of his own party and in spite of the media bias and in spite of the litany of lies told about him on a daily basis, he will transform America too.

Obama’s Veep

Friday, August 22nd, 2008

I’m nervous as a whore in church, waiting for Obama to announce his VP. What if it is Caroline Kennedy? I can see it. But I don’t know. Biden I want, please not Bayh.

We’ll know soon. It is now 5 p.m. PDT.
It is now 5:55 p.m. PDT. Not Hillary Clinton. No No No. Bill was just trashing Obama today in Texas and Hillary’s support for Obama is similar to drinking a cup of cold coffee. You still get the caffeine buzz but you want the coffee to be hot, dammit, hot hot hot.

**********  It is now 9:35 p.m. PDT.  It’s Biden.  Gotta be.  Obama is a master at political theatre.  I think Biden will be too.  Bring it on, make news, take names. 

*****  I’m Biden my time for Biden  *****    

Smart to be Dumb, Dumb to be Smart

Tuesday, August 19th, 2008

When did being wise, being thoughtful, being intellectual, become unacceptable in this country?  When did making well-reasoned and concise points become a reason to criticize someone running for President of the United States?  I am exhausted by the dumbing down of the public discourse. 

Stay the course, Mr. Obama.  It’s not worth winning if you have to wallow in the shit infested mud with the likes of Mr. McCain and the right wing attack machine.  I mean it.  I’d like to live long enough to see a smart person win the Presidency, a smart person who is not self-destructive, but if I don’t, I can live and die with that.  If my fellow citizens are as stupid as I hope they aren’t (oh yeah, I’m an “elitist” now) then they deserve the President they get.  Here’s the thing:  my maternal grandparents were not “educated” people, they were Virginia mountain people, but they never missed an election.  They discussed politics with me far more rationally than most of the “talking heads” discuss politics today, 24/7.  It is dumb to be smart, it is smart to be dumb.  There, I can be a talking head now.  I can get a job at the New York Times.  My applications are in the mail.    


Thursday, August 14th, 2008

Bob, Cathy, Jerry, Jean, Jerry, Patrick, Julie, Drew, Bruce, Puma, Carole, Luke, David. 

A celebration

an affirmation

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