January, 2015

I know because I won both of them.

Tuesday, January 20th, 2015

“I know because I won both of them.”

That quote is from President Obama tonight in his State of the Union Speech after he stated that he had no more Presidential campaigns ahead of him.

From the Republican side of the aisle came whistles and yahoos and clapping of hands.

From Obama came, I know because I won both of them.

That was the best comeback line of any State of the Union Speech I’ve ever heard, especially since Obama’s been called a liar from the chamber, been booed as a hack, and had a Supreme Court Justice, Alito, shake his head in disgust after Obama criticized the Citizens United ruling as a never ending money flow from corporations into political campaigns that can never be traced in spite of the Supreme Court ruling stating transparency was required - which by the way has come to pass like Obama stated - money in elections is out of control and not transparent because corporations are people, you know. They eat and shit and have to take showers and pay taxes. Oh! That last one, taxes, that’s where corporations distance themselves from the rest of us humans.

What a disgusting display the Republicans put on tonight - Boehner with his red face turning quickly to purple, I think he had to take a piss. And that turncoat who leashed Palin on us, Senator McCain, smirking and snarling from the chamber.

Give me Democrats or give me death, that’s my read on this State of the Union Speech tonight, by a President, Obama, who has had more invective shoved in his face than any President has since I’ve been alive.