October, 2003

September - October, 2003

Friday, October 31st, 2003

It is the one year anniversary of the publication of that novel about a dance on a cellar door. And, what a year… I am back home, writing, and waiting for Ms. Jessica Lange to read Dancing on the Cellar Door , and fall in love with Margaret, the character I wrote for her, and her alone… Carole Wells Doheny, my partner-in-creative crime, aka Manager, ran into Ms. Lange on the red carpet at the Emmys September 21 and after Carole spoke with her, Ms. Lange said she wanted to read my novel. A copy is now in the office of her agent, Mr. Peter Levine, CAA.

I’m heading to UCLA at the end of October to edit the script adaptation of …Cellar Door, with David Freeman.