September, 2008

Socialism, the Republican Way

Monday, September 29th, 2008

The next time I hear someone say “it doesn’t matter who the President is” my brain will likely crash in on itself, imploding and exploding at the exact same time.  First there was Reagan, big grinning Reagan, trickle down Reagan, who started deregulating the Financial Industry.  Then came Bush I, former head of the CIA, who continued the deregulation, then blowjob Clinton, who continued the same policies because he was precockupied and pissed away his presidency, and finally baby Bush, a puppet of the Neo-Cons, who sealed the deregulation deal and on top of that, gave tax cuts to the upper class during two wars, never before done in the history of the country.  Granted, all these presidents had the cooperation of Congress, Repubs and Dems alike.  And now, September 29, 2008, baby Bush and his gang are attempting to bail out the big boys using his tried and true fear machine and the useless Majority Leader, Reid, and the equally useless Speaker, Pelosi, are in cahoots with him.  The Bailout Bill failed today, thanks to smart Dems and Repubs.  “GOOD,” I say.  Just last week we gave 25 billion to bail out the auto industry (anyone notice that) and another 70 billion for the occupation of Iraq — YES, we won the war, we are now occupying Iraq. 

“Socialism,” a word the Repubs love to toss around when talking about Universal Health Care, has now come to our nation thanks to Investment beggars and Wall Streetaholics, dressed in snappy suits, direct from Ivy League MBA educations.  “Got a billion for me, sir?” 

Let’s start over, how about that?  For starters, vomit the stink of fear that has been jammed down throats since 9/11 by Bush and his fear-mongering menagerie.  Remember, Bush said go shopping after 9/11 and Al Qaeda’s goal, stated time and time again after the 9/11 attacks, was to bring our country to its financial knees.  We still haven’t caught Bin Laden, I cannot imagine why.  And we have been brought to our knees financially, I can see why.  Now that pisses me off.  

My solution is Barack Obama as our next President.  If he can possibly win.  Nearly everyone is against him.  If he had pulled half the drama queen stunts McCain has he would be toast to McCain’s butter.  Here, take a look:  1.  McCain never once looked Obama in the eye during the debate last Friday.  2.  Bill Clinton cannot bring himself to full-out endorse Obama.  I’m embarrassed when I see him speak, for him and for me.  He’s a man I used to support but his behavior is unforgivable and furthermore, obvious.  He just ‘loves’ John McCain.  3.  Hillary Clinton does not want Obama to win, she mouths words of support, both before and after she talks about herself, but if anyone believes she is gung-ho for Obama, I suggest you donate 100 bucks to the bailout fund.  4.  The scurrilous lies that fly out of tax-exempt pulpits on any given Sunday morning are staggering.  I demand churches pay taxes when the church leaders change Houses of Worship into voting guides for their partisan flocks. 

Which brings me to Proposition 8 in California.  But I have to catch my breath first…

“You do this…

Wednesday, September 17th, 2008

… to drive me crazy!”  I’m writing in my studio, taking a break to eat black olives and drink grape juice, and I hear a couple walking home on the sidewalk below me, I’m up here in the pine trees.  He yells at her, “you do this to drive me crazy.”  I know she is an MD and he details cars.  I’ve heard this same dialogue several times now.  I wonder why she settles for him?  Once she gets home, I can see her across the street, she waters her lawn, weeds her flower beds.  Earlier this evening I saw two men walking down the street with their daughters.  The girls picked a few of her flowers.  Children rarely ignore pretty things.    

Lisa Cholodenko

Monday, September 8th, 2008

Dear Ms. Cholodenko,

I spoke with PARTISAN today… I want to send you my latest novel. I’ve tried to adapt it into a script but I can’t make it sing. HIGH ART and especially LAUREL CANYON are two of the tightest scripts and pitch-perfect movies I’ve ever read and seen and I’ve seen thousands of movies.

I don’t have an agent anymore. I freaked on my 48th birthday, afraid my life of being an artist would herald me into homelessness. I turned to real estate. During the past five years I’ve created a real estate barrier between me and the street and now I’m back to writing full-time.

I gave PARTISAN the address to this site so if you land here, take a chance and contact me. I swear you won’t be disappointed.


That Whining Sound from Minnesota

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2008

Oh, here we go again.  The Repubs have screwed up and media darling John McCain and his camp are now crying about unfair media coverage.  Tears are rolling down my cheeks.  Let me just say this — if Obama had chosen Sarah Palin as his VP candidate, televisions all over the country would have exploded with the heated rage spewing forth…  Ms. Palin, as of 8:00 p.m. PDT today, has not sat down for one press interview.  Wonder why?  I don’t care one whit about her family issues.  It’s her qualifications and McCain’s judgment that concern me.