April, 2011

Hey Idiots, Follow “The Comb Over” Wherever it Leads

Wednesday, April 27th, 2011

Those of us who have a brain long ago saw proof that President Obama was indeed an American citizen, yes you idiots, Hawaii is a state of the United States, so now we find ourselves staring at the long form of Obama’s birth certificate for further proof. I don’t blame the President for putting it out there but if he thinks it will put an end to the “birthers” and now the “transcripters” he is wrong because the ignorant and short-sighted will continue to divert attention away from the real issues of the day and will continue to focus on de-legitimizing President Obama. So I say go for it you fools, grab your combs and follow “The Comb Over” wherever he may lead you. I can only hope it’s over a cliff.

Visit with Mom

Tuesday, April 19th, 2011

While I was in Virginia visiting with Mom I found myself grasping at my memory banks now and again searching for a quote that explains one of the threads that connects Mom and me.  When I returned home I found it.  I’m going to change the pronoun but either way it is about both of us. 

“(S)he moved with a grace and dignity that only comes from having once been cherished.”  — Anne Rice.