February, 2018

My Comment RE: Bode Miller’s Olympics Skiing Whine & Moan

Saturday, February 17th, 2018

Bode Miller

RE: Bode Miller: Mr. Miller, just because you are an Olympic phenom does not grant you the right to ruin all the skiing events you cover with your whining and moaning. You have endless opinions about the rules changes but you only make them when skiers are skiing. Hold a press conference, Mr. Miller, don’t opine and whine during a skier’s run about rules the average viewer, me, has no knowledge of. And, cheer up. This is a sport you love, apparently, but I do not hear any joy in your voice.

My Comment RE: Maureen Dowd’s February 17, 2018 Op Ed in the New York Times

Saturday, February 17th, 2018

Maureen Dowd

DHC Hillcrest, CA Pending Approval

Ms. Dowd - you cannot continue to be bipartisan in your OP EDS and expect that your arguments will hold water just because your brother is a Trump supporter. It does not mean that we have to suffer through your well-reasoned opinions only to run aground on a former shoal that sunk a ship that has already sailed and sunk. We are a country that slaughters children on a regular basis. End of Story. Anything before, above, under or beside that is beyond the point of reason. We are a country that is now controlled by Republicans on the national level and in a majority of the states. So call them to action and do not dare divert our attention, once again, which is what the NRA does, to that former sunken ship. We must act now even though now is not soon enough. I don’t have the all the answers but we need to have a national discussion about yes, the politics of slaughtering our children on a constant basis. Damn it!

Trump Troop Review?

Wednesday, February 7th, 2018

What, fucking review the troops, like a 2 bit dictator, in our soon-to-be 2 bit dictator country? This from the lying, women assaulting, racist, wig-wearing asshole who got 4 Vietnam draft deferments on account of Bone Fucking Spurs? Is there no shame? No limit?

No shame?

No limit, as he drags our country through the mud, into oblivion?

It’s not make America great again - no! It’s pull America down so far we won’t be able to recover, ever, again.

I am not making nice… All you assholes who voted this pretender into office - I have 7 words: